Cancellation Notice

It is with great sadness that we inform you that the 2020 Holy Convocation is cancelled. We will be providing more information regarding upcoming Summits and events that will be held. All paid registration funds will be applied to Convocation 2021 Registration. As more information is available data will be posted.

We continue to pray for those affected by Covid-19. 

If you have further questions please email 

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Join us as we reach people around the world for Jesus Christ. Through our India Initiative we aid churches, youth ministries, orphanages, and widow outreaches with supplies across three different southern states. Help us impact the society through the different facets of the Ministry.


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KBF is a non-profit organization. All contributions are used to advance the Kindgom assignment that God has called the Archbishop Otey to fulfill. 


We are a Fellowship created to strengthen and grow the body of Christ as well as individuals. We promote uniformity among the church that we may all mind the same things and speak the same things having all things in common. Become a covenant brother or sister with Kingdom Builders Fellowship, Inc. today. Help us reach the world for Christ.

Kingdom Greetings, 


We welcome you to the official  website for Kingdom Builders Fellowship, Inc. This Reformation was birthed and assigned to us during this significant time and season in the Kingdom of God. As you visit our website, we pray that you will be filled with excitement, knowledge and revelation.


As Senior Pastor of Mount Calvary Church International, trusting the many years of my pastoral experience, along with the blessings of my wife, family and church family, it is our desire to touch countless lives. Thus, this branch of Zion, located in Providence Forge, Virginia has become the headquarters for Kingdom Builders Fellowship Inc.


We acknowledge the call and spiritual assignment of fathering and mentoring men and women of God. Filled with great expectation and anticipation culminated with years of leadership training; we have birthed several spiritual sons and daughters; additionally, we have been blessed to be in covenant relationship and strong fellowship with many disciplined men and women of God  throughout this kingdom journey.


Kingdom Builders Fellowship, Inc. is moving forward in great faith, spiritual experience, integrity, kingdom wisdom and revelation. The men and women of God that partner with us possess many years of experience; while consistently and persistently seeking to be spiritually and scripturally sound.


The anointing of “fathering,” which comes through submission to my spiritual father and covering, has allowed the birth of this ministry and fellowship the opportunity to cover those persons who are seeking and are in need of apostolic covering. 


We believe we are assigned to the Kingdom for such a time as this; we follow the divine direction of the Father, His word, and the Holy Spirit. We seek to birth His divine order, protocol and destiny by teaching God’s kingdom word, which will give birth, and life to all who will receive it. We are humbled, yet we are mindful that we do all things to give and bring God glory.



Archbishop Raymond L. Otey, Sr.

Presiding Prelate

Kingdom Builders Fellowship, Inc.


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